Tirade Against Fifty Shades of Grey

I am pretty sure that upon reading this blog entry, someone will raise an eyebrow, or two. But in this upraising, and unfortunately receiving too much glory, Fifty Shades of Grey, once a book, and has now become a movie, someone must speak up the truth why Fifty Shades of Grey is beyond demoralizing and why it must be shunned.


This movie is just one of the provocative measures to draw the young people—and even the adults, in exploiting sex as something that’s only created to gratify the cravings of the flesh. And the sad thing is, a lot of people are seemingly swooned and downright whipped by this dull and poorly written porn-book.

Christian Grey has encroached upon the human thoughts and has greatly poisoned the view of people about sex. Sex has now become a god. And this book worships sex. Conversely, Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele’s lust affair has twisted our morals. This book teaches people that whenever your sexual urge arouses, you should always give in, you can do anything you want with your body and the other person’s—even if that means having to do it outside the context of marriage. Sex has now become an ordinary appetite for some. It tells people that if you crave for sexual pleasure, there’s nothing you can do but to satisfy your flesh. But that’s a lie. It jeopardizes the meaning of love.

In one scene in the book, Christian bought Ana a platinum and diamond bracelet so she can cover the bruises on her wrists—which she got after being tied to her boyfriend’s bed. And he said to her, “I will hurt you, but I will buy you nice gifts so you will stay with me.”

Please, that’s stupid. It’s not romantic. How in the mad world has that become a picture of love when it isn’t? It depicts domination. It signifies subjugation to someone. And it takes pleasure to sadism and masochism. This book tells people that it’s okay to be sexually abused by someone for as long as he has this perfectly-fitted suit and tie and if he has the wit and he can give the seduction that could sweep you off your feet. It tells people that it’s okay to be harassed for as long as your boyfriend is rich, handsome and has helicopter. It advocates sexual deviance. And that is not right.

While some people, mostly women, find this molestation as something that is romantic, some women are actually dealing with the horror of living with abusive men. Some women are being molested and they, honestly, find this as something that isn’t amorous. Being with men who control them and treat them as toys puts them into a place of unending pain and turmoil. And you think that is cute? No. Not for a second. Nobody should ever become a slave of someone’s sexual dungeon.

This book doesn’t give respect to woman. Anastacia was harassed, molested, battered, disrespected, coerced, haled, threatened and tortured, but she was okay with it because she thought that in the long run, she will be able to resurrect Christian Grey from whatever hell he was. But she didn’t realize that she was just another gas thrown into the flame, and she has turned this into a huge wildfire. Two people trying to use each other to satisfy their insecurities, I see.

Ana once said, “The physical pain you inflicted was not as bad as the pain of losing you.”

Crazy. Desperate. Sad. A bad joke. You’re scared to lose the person who did nothing but disrespect you? Oh, that’s sweet and sick. (Please note the sarcasm.)

This book claims that love is about pain, domination and power, but I would like to give you something that could actually nullify that claim. In 1 Corinthians 13: 5 (NIV), it says that, “It [love] doesn’t dishonour others. It is not self-seeking . . .” Love doesn’t dishonour others. It always respects. It always gives way for the good of the other person. It is not self-seeking. Love never means having to use somebody to feed your own selfish desires. And whenever Christian harasses Anastacia, he was simply telling her that, “I have a need. Therefore, satisfy my flesh. Get on the bed and worship me.” That’s not love. That. Is. Not. Love.

Ladies, we don’t deserve someone like that. Never. And our security must never come from just another flawed person, but from a perfect God who has redeemed us from the slavery of sins. He died on the cross, and rose from the dead, for you to live again. He has given you the identity, and you shouldn’t let anyone steal that away from you. You’re worth a Savior’s blood. Keep that in mind, princess.


Moving forward, not only that this book jeopardizes love and disrespects women, it also advertises lust and fornication. This is a picture of vehement pornography. And, sadly, a lot of people are trying to justify this by saying that it’s just a book/movie, it won’t hurt me. It won’t hurt anyone. But that’s another lie. Fifty Shades of Grey poisons the people’s hearts. It makes humans crave for sexual immorality. It perverts us towards pursuing righteousness and purity. It will make our hearts crave for something that God has designed for us to enjoy at the right time.

Some people might say that this is a bit old-fashioned. They say, “Holiness is boring. It restricts people. It deprives us from doing what we want. It bondages us and takes away our freedom.” But the truth is, the pursuit towards holiness is chasing after real freedom—freedom from the chains of this perverted and wicked world.

Galatians 5:19 (NIV) says that, “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery.”

Indeed, we become slaves to whatever has mastered us. And if we allow ourselves to indulge in sexual immorality: porn, erotic books, x-rated websites, unwholesome talks and even with our thoughts, we will always find ourselves deeply deceived by this corrupt generation. The world will try to put some glitter on the lies it wants to feed us, but we should never be blinded by its glamour. We should always be careful with whatever comes on the inside. Be mindful on the thoughts that you entertain. Filter the words that you hear. Cautiously, guard you heart.

The moment you find yourself enamoured by anything that filths your purity, turn it down. Run away from the temptation.

And one last thing, is that Fifty Shades of Grey has totally perverted the sacredness of sex. It has viewed sex as something that is just for pleasure. It has deeply reprimanded the holiness of sex. When in fact, sex is a gift which is designed by God and was made to be enjoyed by a husband and a woman, in the context of marriage. This book tells us that it’s okay to “make love” with someone even without your covenant before God. It gives people the wrong idea that “love” equals physical intimacy. Sex has lost its meaning and it has been pretty much, fraudulently offered to the world. We see our generation now getting involved with pre-marital sex. Pornography rate increases day in and day out. Human-trafficking has been a norm. This world has glamorized sexual immorality in all forms, and that’s something we all have to be alarmed about. We should go back to God’s blueprint—to how He has invented this beautiful gift.

We should also know that we hurt God whenever we try to disdain His design. We have looked at sex as something that is gross, but it’s not. Sex is beautiful and God is the author of it. And we can only fully experience the richness of this gift if we wait for the right time. Again, sex is beautiful. Sex is holy. Sex is sacred. Sex is a gift from God which is to be shared by a husband and a wife, in the context of marriage.

People, we don’t want to end up picturing Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele’s lustful sexual activity when we experience it with our husbands and wives, do we? We shall preserve ourselves for the right person, at the right time, and honestly, I believe that the best thing that you can offer to the person you’re about to marry is your virginity. That at the night you’re about to become one flesh, you can truthfully declare to your husband/wife, “I am no longer my own, but I have become and will always be yours. And I’ll offer myself to you, for this is pleasing to the Lord.” Sex, is indeed, good.

Friends, let us turn down Fifty Shades of Grey. In all aspect, in whatever angle you may look at it, it doesn’t help. It hurts relationships. It hurts families. It hurts men and women, of all ages. It hurts you and the people you love. And more importantly, it hurts God.

If you respect God, yourself, your mother, your daughter, your sister, and the women you love in your life—not only them but everyone, young people and adults, we will take a stand and not support this movie.


My tirade against Fifty Shades of Grey has been pronounced.

Psalm 119:9, NIV: “How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your Word.”


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