I wrote this for you

We live in a world where love is widely and deeply romanticized; where butterflies are better than genuine affection; social media posts are sweeter than written letters; where lies surfaced with swooning words are better than honesty; where we settle for the mediocre because waiting was portrayed as ugly; where compromises become home and where … More I wrote this for you

Desperate Measures

How many times have I convinced myself that I need to stop wanting you back? How many more nights would I spend trying to get you out of my head? No. It’s never easy. Look at me and you’ll know. I’m still holding you back. I’m still keeping you in the depths of my heart. … More Desperate Measures

Paint you wings

To you, Hi. It’s been a long while since the last time I saw you. But I could still perfectly remember the last look in your eyes when you told me we should bid our goodbyes. You have this rude habit of walking out whenever the situation doesn’t impress you, and I have developed this … More Paint you wings